The following opinions were published by clients on the Elsner Clinic Facebook fan page.

I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Magdalena Elsner. Highest-level professionalism and individual approach to the client. Perfection paired with years of experience made me trust Dr Elsner completely. I cannot think of any person as warm and kind as she. One and only.

Kari Na

I warmly recommend Ms Elsner's professional and original treatments. They make the skin healthier, firmer and smoother. I am impressed by Dr Elsner's knowledge of microbiota and its influence on the body. I respect and admire her wide competences.

Iwona Karcz

I'm glad I found myself 'under the wings' of Dr Elsner. Right after our initial meeting and the prescribe examinations, the diagnosis was made: food intolerance. A few weeks passed, and I was amazed at how my skin can change. And that's not the end :) Upon leaving the clinic one feels beautiful; perhaps because Dr Elsner is truly diligent with a patient – and psychology of contact is the best medicine. Now we are motivated (there are two of us) to eat better and more naturally. 

Iwona Sikora

I definitely recommend Dr Elsner Clinic!! Fully professional; one feels since the very beginning that it's a place where someone really wants to help. Patients are lovingly, and, most importantly, the effects are impressive. As for me, I used to be skeptical about my case, because no one had been able to help me for a long time. Dr Elsner, however, since the first consultation, proved I finally made it to the right place. Given my experience with them, I can also recommend Dr Elsner's cosmetics for atopic skin. In my opinion, 10/10.

Rafał Powązka

Dr Magdalena Elsner is a truly warm and very professional person. She approaches the patient individually, which results in a successful treatment. I recommend wholeheartedly.

Iwona Wójcik

Ms Elsner helped me overcome my intestinal ailments. She found their cause as well designed me a suitable diet and supplementation. After the pregnancy, my body returned to the former shape :) Dr Elsner is kind, diligent, and competent – I honestly recommend her.

Anna Wydmuch

Face. The reflection of personality. Map of emotions. One can read from it, one can marvel at it, one can miss it... But what if it becomes ill? Hidden underneath a thick layer of make-up, insecure, sad. After kilos of misguided antibiotics, after ineffective visits to doctors, after unsuccessful treatments by various specialists, I wrote – 11pm in the night it was – a message to Dr Elsner. 'I cannot cope with my skin anymore'. The reply came within seconds: 'Come tomorrow at 4pm'. That's how my story began, not only of a treatment, but of reclaiming my face. Magdalena, thank you. The effects are, as you know, spectacular. PS. I adore your sense of humor.

Milena Bieńkowska

The ultimate hope to save the skin. Dr Elsner truly support the patient and inspires hope. She's professional in her craft and has immense knowledge. I had tried 6 dermatologists, thousands of creams, ointments, original formulas, I even took an antibiotic. For three years I struggled with acne and now finally I encountered a wonderful specialist who restored me to health without poisoning my body along the way... Absolutely reliable. A doctor who is also a friend. If anyone had skin problems, they ought to come to Dr Elsner.

Emilia Andryszkiewicz

I recommend everyone to visit Dr Elsner. Since the first appointment her professionalism and passion were clearly seen. We were interviewed in minute detail, and Dr Elsner's individual approach makes a patient feel heard. I felt at leisure to talk about my issues. Dr Elsner listens eagerly and is curious about her patient. Rare inquisitiveness and Dr Elsner's heart shine through immediately. I am deeply grateful that for the first time in the lives of me and my Son, someone wanted to help and did it so diligently, using her profound knowledge. I had also the pleasure of purchasing Dr Elsner's cream, and once again I am impressed. The cream works miracles (naturally, when applied regularly). In a moment, skin is moisturized, and annoying itchiness is gone. I recommend warmly. THANK YOU, Dr Elsner!

Samanta Dytłow

A bandage for the body and for the soul. After 6 years of unequal fight, I finally reached a breakthrough. Before that: helplessness. Permanent fatigue. Growing frustration. Searching for the cause and seeking help among qualified nutritionists, gynecologists, cosmetologists, aesthetic medicine specialist, make-up artists, psychologists. Investing time, nerves, and money. Fruitless struggle with acne, which invaded my life unexpectedly and treaded over my emotional and physical 'me'. After Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic was recommended to me, a light of hope appeared. I found myself under the wings of Dr Elsner, a perfectionist and a specialist, a woman with her heart on her sleeve. Thanks to her I am gradually reclaiming my true joy of life. Thank you wholeheartedly.

Aleksandra Pyka

Za Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic imam samo riječi hvale, a naročito profesionalni pristup gospođe Magdę. Svakom problemu pristupa individualno, stručno i profesionalno. Uvjeren sam da iza njenog rada stoji mnoštvo zadovoljnih pacijenata. Za svaku preporuku..

Denis Denona

Thanks to Dr Elsner and the food intolerance tests she recommended, I can say I was born again. I had serious stomach and intestines issues. I visited numerous specialists, and no one was able to diagnose me correctly. I found Elsner Clinic accidentally; and after an appointment with Dr Elsner and referring my problems to her, I made tests and, as it turned out, I am allergic to gluten and several other foods. Dr Elsner directed me and composed a diet that excluded gluten. After 6 months of following this diet, I lost 22 kilograms (48 lbs). Now, as I eat plenty of wholesome food, I know what it means to live without pain. I'll also add that my wife, too, started following the gluten-free diet and, to her contentment, she lost 12 kilograms (26 lbs) in 6 months. If you have health problems and don't know what's going on, go to Elsner Clinic and you will find the remedy to your ailments. Speaking frankly, thank you. You're wonderful. Recommended to everyone.

Fabian Stępień

Elsner Anti - Aging Clinic is a place in Częstochowa I very much recommend, especially for people who experience health problems, but not only. Dr Elsner will help everyone who comes to her Clinic – just as she helped me. After a conversation with her and a food intolerance test, I feel reborn. Dr Elsner carefully listened to me, designed a diet plan and explained to me in detail how to proceed from there and what to eat. She is a magnificent person with a professional approach to her work and her patients. She does what she loves and, therefore, helps numerous people, including myself. She's an angel.

Judyta Jałowiecka

The best specialist I've ever met, and moreover, a wonderful human being!!! I need to add that I visited almost every dermatologist in Gliwice, and countless beauticians and... nothing. It wasn't until Dr Elsner diagnosed me in the first minute of our appointment and straightaway offered a specific therapy – which turned out successful. For this I will be grateful for all my life!!! I totally recommend! A perfect specialist and a wonderful person. Thank you for your heart and professionalism. 

Agnieszka Skutecka

I've been benefitting from Dr Magdalena Elsner expertise for a few years already and I consider her an outstanding specialist. The last time I visited the Clinic I was received by Ms Dominika, and what I experienced during the treatment... was an unbelievable sensation. I didn't imagine that one can reach such a state of relaxation during a medical procedure. She has 'angel's hands'. Haha, seems like I'm buttering up, but one has to feel it. A great specialist with a deep intuition... I truly, truly recommend also Ms Dominika.

Klaudia PorKa

Dr Elsner helped me liberate myself from the habitual excessive eating of sweets. After half a year, I beautifully slimmed down, my complexion improved and so did my state of mind. The age seems to be less. I cannot express my gratitude in words. Dr Elsner is such a marvelous and professional specialist. I have trusted her since the first appointment and I don't regret it. I honestly recommend.

Katarzyna Michalik

Elsner Clinic is a place that deserves recommendation. I arrived there during the time I was undergoing an isotretinoin therapy. My body was weary, and my face looked miserable. Luckily, I got to know Dr Elsner, who helped me get back in shape. She advised food intolerance tests, intestine examination, as well as probiotic supplementation (NOT to be confused with antibiotics). As a result, the weariness and skin inflammation disappeared. Moreover, Dr Elsner cares for the patients as if they were her own children, supports them, designs individual action plans (which makes her an exception among other specialists). She also has immense knowledge, and it is clear that she's very passionate about her work! I am more than happy to commute to the Clinic from Kraków! I recommend it to everyone who experiences skin problems or simply wants to take care of the body from 'within'. Dr Elsner is a specialist in it, and this makes her unique on the national level.

Michał Niziołek

I came to Dr Elsner a few years ago with massive health problems. I had endocrinological issues... Doctors would prescribe me strong medication which wouldn't serve me. I was continuously swollen and felt down. Dr Elsner tested me for food intolerances and introduced a suitable therapy. After a couple months of appropriate diet and well-selected supplementation, I experienced a huge health and mood improvement. Meanwhile, we began to treat my post-acne and post-smallpox scars. Currently I am a living example of Ms Elsner's skills. I recommend her to everyone. She's a great specialist. Her knowledge and experience are huge. She's also a very warm woman, who's passionate about her job.

Klaudia PorKa

Dr Elsner knows the problem of acne inside out. Many dermatologists could learn from her. I tried a variety of skin treatments, and it is the first time I met someone so competent. Before the treatment, she conducted a long and detailed interview with me, thanks to which I finally learnt why I have skin problems. Dr Elsner approaches her patient holistically. A diet combined with different procedures solved out my acne problem. Before, I used to try numerous methods of curing acne: from antibiotics to creams, hormones, etc., but those only brought short-term results. It was Dr Elsner's therapy that proved best for my skin. One can feel her passion for her work from the very first moment. Thank you.

Katarzyna Grabowska Cosmetologist

I had big problems with my skin and decided to seek for a specialist. Dr Elsner was recommended to me, and I know it was the bullseye. Not only she helped my with my skin problems, but also identified a broader health issue which had bothered me for many years. I am very grateful to her for her honesty and dedication to solve the problem. She's very professional and on point. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Paulina Grzesiak

I am very pleased I met Dr Elsner. Professional, individual approach, insightful analysis of the patient's situation. She's a great specialist and a kind, warm person, therefore the atmosphere at the appointment is easy. She supports and motivates the patients to continue improving their health. Added to this, she is a lovely and trustworthy person. She will commend what's good but speak honestly. She motivates the clients to change for the better. Were it not for her, I would have considered my previous life plagued with ailments a norm... Finally, I began to function well and simply enjoy life, as the changes were already visible after a few days of implementing Dr Elsner's recommendations. I can safely say she's my 'guardian angel'. I recommend her 100%.

Karolina Ryś

Thanks to Dr Magdalena Elsner I can forget about the facial skin problems I was experiencing over a few years. Her comprehensive approach, which combines cosmetological procedures with food intolerance tests, resulted in me getting rid of uncomfortable issues once and for all. At the same time, I took care of my digestive system. Now I feel much better, I have more energy, and I often return to Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic. I should also add that its atmosphere is lovely, and Dr Elsner is a wonderful, warm person who has immense knowledge and treats each problem of her patients seriously. Thank you!

Barbara Jastrzębska

I could write millions of beautiful words about Dr Elsner! About her professional attitude towards patients' problems, as well as about how great and kind she is. I've been dealing with dermatological problems for nearly 15 years... and these were diagnosed by Dr Elsner as soon as the first appointment. Each meeting brings us closer to success! I'll also mention that I passed through dozens dermatological clinics, spend a tone of money, and compromised my health by taking more and more medication... to no avail! Dear Dr Elsner helped me further by designing a special diet. I reclaimed my good mood, strengthened and detoxed my body, but also, most importantly, regained immunity, which I had lost due to the lengthy intake of antibiotics. I could go on and on. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr Elsner. She's a marvelous specialist and a wonderful woman. Thank you.

Paulina Gągorowska

Everyone who doubts they can do something good for their devastated facial skin ought to visit Dr Elsner. Thanks to full professionalism, huge knowledge, and experience, we know we are in good hands. I warmly recommend her and encourage whoever needs help to reach out. At Dr Elsner's everyone will feel exceptional and finally at leisure to smile. I honestly recommend her.

Justyna Daszkowska

I came to Elsner Clinic two years ago. Frequent illnesses, cold, flu, and low weight (which other specialists attributed to my physique) were my long-lived problems. Thanks to Dr Elsner's knowledge and help, all ailments disappeared. I've already gained five kilograms, which is my success. Her attitude, professionalism, and huge knowledge inspired me to increase my own knowledge of healthy lifestyle and dietetics (in fact, I'm planning to commence dietetics studies). I recommend Elsner Clinic to everyone who is underweight, experiences skin problems, or simply needs to take care of their health. Dr Elsner is a role model and a person with a true calling. She puts all her heart and knowledge into helping patients in the best way she can.

Jacek Wołowczyk

Klinika Elsner Anti-Aging iz Čestohove (Poljska) je suvremena klinika sa vrlo profesionalnim pristupom prema svakoj vrsti problema u njihovoj domeni. Individualni pristup svakom svom pacijentu, ovu kliniku čini veoma pouzdanom gdje se klijent može obratiti s punim povjerenjem te očekivati potpuni uspjeh u postizanju zadanog cilja, bilo da je riječ o programu protiv starenja, dijetetskom programu ili bilo kojem drugom programu kojim se oni bave. Iz svog osobnog iskustva mogu izreći samo riječi hvale, a posebno za Gospođu Dr. Magdalenu Elsner, koja je izuzetno predana svom radu te svojom profesionalnošću, stručnošću i multidisciplinarnom pristupu ulijeva potpuno povjerenje svakom svom klijentu. Ovom prilikom srdačno pozdravljam i želim Vam uspjeha u daljnjem radu

Denis Denona

Hello. I met Dr Elsner some time ago with strongly couperose skin. Creams would help, unfortunately. Dr Elsner applied laser therapy and treatment from within. They say everything that manifests outside is a result of what is happening on the inside. I admire her immense knowledge. I recommend her to everyone.

Łukasz Jędrzejczak

Mrs. Elsner helped me loose over 100lbs! Their approach towards customer is superb! I got a perfect diet for me, suited for my taste! If you choose ElsnerClinic, you won't regret it! I did it, and that was the best decision on my life!

Luke Dzwigal

I came to Dr Elsner because my face had been attacked by bacterias. Acne-related and septic changes, scars took my confidence away and seemed impossible to overcome. I was scared, and I entrusted myself in Ms Elsner's hands. Those hands work miracles, as I soon noticed! Suitable supplementation gradually eliminated the pathogen from my skin, and a series of procedures smoothened it and reduced the red spots. The difference is immense! Ms Elsner's professional attitude and diligence made me feel safe. If you're also afraid to trust, struggle with acne, have skin problems, and it seems to you there's no way out – don't give up and allow help to reach you. I wholeheartedly recommend Elsner Clinic.

Justyna Wołowczyk

Amazing service, excellent quality and superior products. Very nice atmosphere and very good results. Whole thing is amazing.

Klaudia C Niwecka

An appointment at Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic can be described in one way only: FULL PROFESSIONALISM. Complete focus on the patient's problems as well as complete information delivered with a soothing voice. I wholly entrusted myself to Dr Magdalena Elsner. Her vast knowledge and rich experience lead to spectacular results. I recommend her.

Piotr Przybylski

Ms Elsner is a wonderful person who combines passion with immense knowledge. She cares for her patients holistically and puts her trust in them. Each consultation with her and each procedure are conducted professionally and leave the patient satisfied. I recommend warmly!Dominika Kościelna


For the last three years, together with my teenage daughters, I have been commuting for about 100km to be treated by Ms Magdalena Elsner. She solved problems I used to consider irresolvable through the correctly selected cosmetics (she even gifted them to me). She is a MASTER in her craft. I recommend her to those who don't want to lose time and money for experiments. 

Barbara Szermańska

Thank you for everything, for caring for my health, beauty, and mood. I am sure I'm in the best hands. It's a huge luck to be Ms Magda Elsner's patient. I recommend her!!!

Izabela Banaszkiewicz

I warmly recommend Ms Elsner's therapy. Full professionalism, detailed explanation of the procedures, perfect contact. Fast post-procedure effects. Excellent knowledge of various aspects of anti-aging medicine which allows Ms Elsner to select the optimal treatment for each of her clients. Her clinic is perfectly equipped. I warmly recommend her.

Agnieszka Szafrańska

Professional, diligent, effective, and lovely!!! The clinic is professionally equipped, clean, and aesthetic. Ms Elsner can work miracles! She has a charming smile, but most importantly: knowledge which leads to spectacular effects.

Karolina Targowska

Fully professional! The atmosphere is always lovely, so are the procedures and Ms Elsner, who is exceptional in every single way! A visit to her place improves not only one's appearance, but also the mood and psychological wellbeing! I recommend her!

Ewa Lisowska-Szczypka

A most wonderful, selfless woman who helps those in need. 1000% professional. It's a treasure to find such a specialist. I will be grateful to you for all my life for the help you gave my daughter.

Aleksandra Strużyńska-Kalemba

Ms Elsner is a person of versatile skills – a professional truly passionate about her work. She combines expertise in cosmetology with dietetics (including nutrition that excludes allergens), which results in excellent effects both health- and appearance-wise – because true beauty is a result of health.

Domi Nika