Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic offers safe removal of unwanted skin lesions. In our procedures, we use quality electrosurgical equipment. Since our team has many years of training and experience, the procedures we offer are safe and effective.

What is electrosurgery?

Electrosurgery is a method to remove unwanted skin lesions without the use of a scalpel. It uses high frequency electricity to induce a controlled thermic damage to fibers within cells. This method is characterized by its safety.

What types of skin lesions can be removed with the use of electrosurgery?

Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic specializes in the removal of the following:

    • viral warts,

    • flat warts,

    • nevi (also knows as moles),

    • milia,

    • xanthelasma,

    • steatocystoma,

    • hypertrophy of sebaceous and sweat glands,

    • dilated capillaries on the face as well as the rest of the body,

    • spider angioma,

    • fibroids.

What are the contraindications for electrosurgery?

    • cardiac pacemaker,

    • pregnancy, 

    • bad general condition of the patient,

    • blood coagulation disorder,

    • cardiovascular disorder,

    • diabetes (due to impaired wound healing).

What are the possible side effects?

Directly after the procedure, an edema, erythema (redness), bruise, or pain can occur. These, however, are completely normal reactions which cease after a few hours. Usually, a scab is formed in place of the removed skin lesion; it disappears after a few days.

The irregular side effects include discoloration and atrophic or hypertrophic scars. Those, however, are very rare and are predominantly the results of the early scab removal by the patient or abnormal wound healing.