Dilated capillaries (also known as telangiectasias) are an issue that man and women face alike. Typically, it affects the area of cheeks and nose. In the initial stage, is assumes the form of erythema which is strengthened in particularly emotional states. Later, tiny dilated capillaries begin to appear. These are not only a slight aesthetic defect, but can eventually result in acne rosacea.

Skin circulation disorders, erythema, and telangiectasias can affect any skin type regardless of age, although people with sensitive, dry skin prone to allergic reaction are particularly at risk. Additional factors that increase the risk are mostly weather-related (frost, wind, excessive heat, sun exposure, sudden changes of temperature), but others also include emotional states and excessive alcohol intake.

How to take care of skin with inclinations to dilated capillaries?

In order to prevent the spread of dilated capillaries, one should apply the following routines:

    • systematically remove dilated capillaries as soon as they appear;

    • undergo treatments to strengthen the capillaries and decrease the erythema;

    • apply suitable skin care products;

    • use sunscreens;

    • avoid the UV radiation (excessive sun exposure and sunbeds).

What kinds of treatment can be applied to dilated capillaries?

Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic offers electrocoagulation and IPL treatments to treat dilated capillaries. In order to strengthen the effects, we also design an individual skin care and supplementation programs.