Young mums face various issues in terms of bodily aesthetic: the postpartum belly in particular. The skin, stretched during pregnancy, becomes loose and less firm upon giving birth, and stretch marks can appear, too. If you are struggling with the postpartum belly, get in touch with us and try our solutions. We will help your body get back in shape.

Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic offers new mums a variety of individually designed treatment programs. Each treatment is preceded by a thorough consultation. As all women are different, each has different needs, therefore, our individual approach ensures that the patient's issues are comprehensively addressed. 

What kinds of treatment are offered for a postpartum belly?

Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic offers the following:

    • Cryolipolysis

    • Radiofrequency therapy

    • Shock wave therapy

Depending on whether the patient has already completed the lactation period, it may be possible to supply the treatment with the following:

    • Mesotherapy

    • Roll Cit

    • Injection lipolysis

    • Chemical peelings

Additionally, we will correct your nutrition habits and design a well-balanced diet adjusted to your needs.