What is Roll Cit?

Roll Cit is a roller-shaped device lined with tiny needles, and its purpose is to micro-puncture the skin. During the procedure, micro-channels are created in the skin, their depth varying depending on the needle length. It prompts the skin to increase its own natural production of collagen and elasticin. 

How does Roll-Cit work?

Roll-Cit micro-punctures the dermis and epidermis, which leads to tiny local injuries and bleeding, and is followed by extensive reaction of the dermis. As a result, growth factors and fibroblasts are stimulated, thanks to which more collagen and elasticin are produced.

Who is Roll-Cit advised for?

Micro-puncturing is particularly advised for:

    • reducing scars,

    • reducing stretch marks,

    • reducing wrinkles,

    • strengthening thin skin,

    • firming feeble skin.

How often should it be repeated?

In order to optimize the results, it is advised to repeat the treatment 3-6 times with 2-4 weeks of break in between each session.