Are you searching for a diet which will grant you excellent body shape as well as improve you health? Elsner Anti-Aging Clinic has a solution for you: the newly discovered Genodiet.

What is Genodiet?

Genodiet is a nutrition program designed by specialists individually for each patient. The core of Genodiet is knowing your DNA: it utilizes genetic information and analyzes the mutual influence between the genes. As a result, it allows the body to regulate the weight and restore its correct functioning. It also helps to minimize the risk of diet-related diseases. Its integral part is a program of physical activity adjusted to the patient's needs.

How do I begin my Genodiet?

At the beginning, the patient undergoes a test which allows us to design a custom Genodiet program. The test is conducted based on a genetic material sample.

Is it painful to sample genetic material for the Genodiet test?

Not at all! The material is sampled by rubbing a swab stick on the inside of the cheek. Afterwards, we send the material to our experts who then analyze it.

The Genodiet test consist of three complementary modules:

Genodiet Slim – determines the food products that promote our optimal weight by identifying the variations of out DNA code.

Genodiet Health – by taking our genotype into the account, it determines which food ingredients are beneficial for us and which ought to be avoided.

Genodiet Sensor – identifies the variations of genes responsible for hypersensitivity or food intolerance that stem from the patient's genetic background.

Thanks to these different modules, the test provides information on how to strengthen our immune system and prevent civilization diseases such as diabetes, atherosclerosis, and obesity. It also identifies gluten and lactose intolerances.